Welcome to Pradakshina, a tour of temples of Kerala. Pradakshina is conceived as a non commercial venture to serve as a source of information about the temples of Kerala.

The objective is to render accounts of temples covering aspects of historicity, architecture and art, traditions and sociology. However, a primary concern of Pradakshina, to provide a wholesome photo documentation of these temples, has not been met with. At the moment there are many a factors putting a rein to this motive.

The selection of temples is based on their historic value and not on popularity. Or putting it more ironically those were the popular temples of a different age. Now the glory and glitter has wilted away. The din and noise of the erstwhile power centers has given way to silence. A few are in a dilapidated stage. We would stop by many such temples. Some have had a rejuvenation/facelift, standing as a mark of total disrespect and contempt to what our ancestors have bequeathed us! The old and elegant structures buried under garishly painted concrete debris.

Pradakshina is being launched not as a completed project but rather as a site under construction. The ideals and achievements have not coincided yet. But the journey has only started. The attempt will be to enhance contents along the way. Building up a well hyperlinked supplementary info-base around the accounts of temples is also on the anvil. Visitors to the site are most welcome to give their feedback and suggestions for improvement. And most important of all, try to visit these magnificent houses of Gods, leaving aside this cyber re-creation.

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Poothadi Thazhekavu Temple

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