Kamarasavalli Chaturvedimanaglam

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Kamarasavalli Chaturvedimangalam of yore is located in the Udaiyarpalayam taluk of Trichi District on the northern bank of the Coleroon (Kollidom), 22.5 km from Kilappaluvur, a nodal point in Lalgudi-Tanjavur route. The temple of Karkotakesvaram is an important early temple of the Chola Kings, at least a century earlier than the magnum opus of the Chola Dynasty, the Brihadeeswara Temple at Tanjavur. The temple seems to have been in existence as a brick structure even in the days of Aditya I (871-907 A.D.), son of Vijayalaya, the founder of the Chhola dynasty.

The temple, now mostly in ruins, contains some of the important inscriptions throwing light on the social and cultural history of southern India. The temple also houses some fine pieces of sculputres.

Locating the temple was not an easy task, as the old names and references are not in vogue any more. Lying in the background of a remote village, totally unknown to the modern devotees, the temple as of today is a matter of interest only to the historians.

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