Kilappalavur - Thiru Alandurai Mahadevar

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Kilappaluvur is in Trichi-Ariyalur route leading to the ancient Chola capital of Gangaikondacholapuram. The Thiru Alandurai Mahadevar temple is located at a distance of 5 km from Ariyalur and 53 km from Trichi. The place is part of the ancient settlement of Perumpaluvur ruled by Paluvettaraiyar chieftains (under the hegemony of the Chola Kings) who had also connections with the Cera clan in the west coast.

Basing one's judgement on the inscription ARE 245/1926, it might be safe to assume that the temple is well over 1020 years. The place name derives from the Tamil word for Banyan tree, 'Palu'. 'Alan-thurai' also brings out this connection. The place could have had a substantial growth of banyan trees or the rulers might have had it for their clan tree.

There are two major inscriptions worth mentioning. One refers to the battle of Velur which marks the ascend of the Chola kingdom and the other mentions the gift of gold and paddy to a dancer from Kodungallur, then under the Cera rule. For a more detailed account of the temple click here.


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