Narthamalai - Vijayalayacholeeswaram

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Two cave temples and an early structural temple dating back in time to the early mediaeval era. Once a Jaina abode, the place was later taken over by Hindus. Scenically and strategically selected site offers a vast view of the plains below. The older cave temple houses one of the very beautiful lifesize portrayal of Vishnu.

The Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu, houses numerous sites of Budhist and Jaina centres of yore.

Now an archaeological monument, the temple complex is located on a gently sloping rock, the path winding through shrub jungle. Narthamalai is 36 km south of Trichi and 17 km north of Pudukkottai on the Trichi-Karaikkudi rail link. The gravelled apprach road to the hill is about 1.5 km from the highway. For a more detailed account of the temple click here.


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